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Interview with Jay of Subversion UK 3-6-15
March 07, 2015 03:35 PM PST
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Originating from the mind of Kai Giritli (guitars, clean vocals) in 2008, Subversion is a 5 piece melodic tech metal band from Kent in the UK.

Utilising hard hitting frontmanship from Jay Shields, Kai's soaring hook filled clean vocals, guitar riffs that sway from heavy groove to epic melody, and the laser tight percussion of Ben Atkinson; Subversion like to dabble in the arts of odd time signatures spliced with huge thought inducing soundscapes.

Interview with Oli of Contradiction 2-27-15
February 28, 2015 05:20 AM PST
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Awesome interview with Contradiction hear about newest album that was released on December of 2014. Formed in 1989 still thrashing after 25 years goes to show that they love what they do!

Interview with Roland and Ishay of The Outside 2-6-15
February 06, 2015 03:58 PM PST
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Bringing together a diverse mix of nationalities and musical backgrounds, The Outside comprises members from Chile, Israel and Germany. Offering a compelling mélange of challenging Thrash Metal, they have so far self-released one Demo, their highly rated debut album through SAOL/H'Art in 2012 and their second record "Dawn of the Deaf" late 2014. The Outside played seven tours since fall 2011, with shows in Germany, Poland, Belgium, Austria, Ireland, Czech Republic and Chile. The Outside recorded their first Demo in 2009 live at Monongo studios Berlin, known for Rock'n'Roll acts like Motörhead. Their vision took root in the German Cosmopolitan Capital, where they performed with internationally recognized metal acts like Sodom and Vicious Rumors.

The Outside self-financed their first album and played a lot of successful club shows in Germany. Putting a lot on the line, the band booked passage to South America to embark on "The Revolt is On Tour" in Chile. The risk payed off. The crowds went crazy over The Outside's storm of sound: the pounding of Alberto Atalah's drums, Sergio Klein's razorsharp riffs, the driving bass and the vocals of Roland B. Marx. The Outside’s aggressive melodic style and lyrics dealing with the failure of cultural metanarratives, the corrupting force of power and religion speaks directly to the souls of its audiences.

After signing a deal in Chile and SAOL / H'Art, The Outside embarked the stages in Germany on two co-headlining tours again, performing their third and fourth trip within one year and promoting the release of their sophomore album in Europe, Russia and the USA in June 2012. In Spring 2013 they teamed up with new labelmates and well-knowned Thrashers of Hatred for a co-headlining tour yet again, to meet the high demand for more live performances.

After that The Outside went in to the studio to record their highly anticipated follow-up record "Dawn of the Deaf". Before its release through Bret Hart Records late 2014, the band embarked on their support tour for South American Thrash Metal Masters Criminal in Europe, followed by their own European headliner tour throughout October and November.

The outstanding cover artworks were painted by Claudio Bergamin, famed for working with artists like Rob Halford, Criminal, Paradox or Accept. The video clip of "The Stench" was recorded and produced by Abysmo (Kreator, Vader, Therion) in Valparaiso, Chile. "Empire" was also shot by Abysmo, in Berlin.

Interview with Seba of Eradicator 1-30-15
January 30, 2015 04:14 PM PST
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Awesome to talk with my friend Seba again all about the new and 3 rd album "Slavery" Released today.These guys know how to make some killer thrash metal in the old school way but still keeping it fresh!! Listen to the interview hear a few of the songs and you judge but I am pretty sure you going to be hooked. The go and get your copy of 'Slavery" from their website while you there you might decide you need all of them I know I did!!

Interview with Cleber of Blackning 1-23-15
January 23, 2015 04:15 PM PST
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Formed in December 2013 in Santo André (São Paulo, Brazil), the band arrives on the scene with his thrash metal footprint, fast, heavy and aggressive, influenced by style icons.

Having in lineup musicians already involved in the underground, with works released on CD and DVD, and a history of touring both in Brazil and in Europe, BLACKNING presents professionalism and will to write its name in Thrash Metal.

Using the experience of its members, the band emerged as a new promise in the national and international metal scene.

Interview with Henrik of Extinct 1-16-15
January 16, 2015 03:50 PM PST
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Extinct is a German thrash metal band from Kiel, formed in Rendsburg,Schleswig-Holstein in 2003 by Yascha Hansen(vocals, guitar), Henrik Heller(guitar) and Gunther Frerichs(drums). They play a combination of old school thrash metal and modern death/thrash metal elements. Their main influences are the well-known 80's thrash bands from America and Germany such as Metallica, Slayer, Kreator, and so on. In August 2004, Helge joined the band as
the first bassist and also sing lead vocals on some new songs. Four months later, Gunther had to quit the band due to personal problems. Drummer Bodo Borchert joined in August 2005 and left the band in March 2011 because he had to change his residence. Current drummer is Michael Schulz.

Interview with Simon of Anihilated 1-9-15
January 11, 2015 06:22 AM PST
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The Return of Simon to Beyond The Blaze with all the latest news....

Time for another update for all of you on the new album.
As previously revealed the album is called ANTI SOCIAL ENGINEERING and will be available initially in three formats.
We enter the studio next week to start recording and will be keeping you up to date with videos, interviews and clips of the songs so you can ride along with us as we get this album ready to be unleashed on the world.
Today we can confirm the track listing for the album in its standard and limited edition formats.

1. They Lie, We Die
2. Seas Of Red
3. The Slaughter Continues
4. Anti Social Engineering
5. Zombie-13
6. A Vile Congregation
7. Torn By The Tooth
8. Thrashing Crew
9. Vultures
10. I Am The Beholder

11. Chase The Dragon (limited edition box set only)
12. Skinned Alive (limited edition box set only)

The two bonus tracks on the limited edition version are re-recordings of two classic Anihilated songs from the 80's that we felt could do with dusting off for all the true fans that have stuck with us.

And there you have it. That is ANTI SOCIAL ENGINEERING.
We will be bringing you some more very exciting news soon and we can give you a hint but won't let that cat out of the bag just yet.
Here is a two word clue 'guest appearances'.
Make of that what you will.

Remember, the limited edition box set is strictly limited to a run of 100 and is selling fast so please order now to avoid disappointment.
The link for the box set is here:…/anti-social-engineering-l…

We will be back with more exciting news very soon.

Interviw with Fred of Dead Alone 12-5-14
December 06, 2014 08:17 AM PST
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Everything has got it's shadows and everyone lives with different mistakes and experiences from the past... DEAD ALONE take you on a musical journey down to the deepest abysses of the human soul.

The music of the band founded in 2004 ranges from grooving dark-death-metal to doom that is as heavy as lead. So it is difficult to categorize them. Between brute forced aggression and sinister atmosphere there is still enough space for thrilling melodies and deep lyrics. After the debut “Slivering Marrow“ from 2006 followed in 2008 the EP “Phobia“. After that the second album “Vitium“ came in 2010 that is slightly edgier and more organic. They earned a lot of positive critics and the title “Band Of The Month April 2010“ on the webzine "". During april and june 2012 the third album ''Ad Infinitum'' was recorded in the Grotesque Studios (ARSIRIUS, CYNICISIM) by Sebastian Moser. The guest vocals on ''Downwards'' were featured by Mick (DESTINITY).

Having played many successful shows with bands like EISREGEN, DEW-SCENTED, LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE or BELPHEGOR and with the performance at Metalfest Austria 2011, they strenghtened their reputation as a kick-ass live act. DEAD ALONE can expect a promising future.

Interview with Sanity's Rage 11-21-14
November 21, 2014 12:39 PM PST
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Ever since it’s inception, Sanity’s Rage has set forth to put thrash back on the map.

Not just as a rehash, but to pick up the classical style and give it a modern and technical twist.
Nowhere is this more apparent than on You Are What You Swallow, their debut full album.
A blend of modern, varied thrash with a clear message: no compromise.

“‘You Are What You Swallow’ is an absolute powerful thrash grenade and the album has everything a great thrasher
needs; great riffs, a healthy dose of aggression and great wrought-up vocals” -

Recorded at Red Left Hand Studios (Aborted, Bliksem, …) and mastered at Stage One Studios (Holy Moses,
Legion Of The Damned, Vader, …), the debut album is highly appreciated in the underground.

Death Metal (Belgium) 97/100
Power Metal (Germany) 8,5/10
Elitist Metalhead (USA) 8,5/10
Lords of Metal (Netherlands) 8,5/10
Whiplash (Brazil) 8/10
Zware Metalen (Netherlands) 80/100

Several tracks appear on worldwide compilation CD’s.

Perseverance 2013 (Malevolence Records)
Doorway To The Unknown (True Metal Nation)
Wreck Your Neck 2 (Global Thrash Assault)
Headbangers Balls compilation 2014 (Headbangers Balls)

The story didn’t start there, however. It takes off in August 2006 with the birth of The Rage of One, an album which introduced the metal underground to the name Sanity’s Rage. The international Metal Community was
immediately convinced of the strong potential of old-school thrash aggression mixed with technical/melodic influences, and the band make several international distribution deals through Rock It Up Records.

Aardschok (Netherlands) 8,7/10
Hellspawn (Belgium) 88/100
Metalbullet (Spain) 85/100
Rock Tribune (Belgium) 81/100
The Metal Crypt (United States) 87/100

After playing at the frontline of the new wave of thrash metal with numerous friendly Belgian thrash bands, Sanity’s Rage got the opportunity to slowly take it to a higher level. In between local performances with fellow thrashers, they already got to test their metal with bands such as After All, Trenchfoot, Spoil Engine, M-busch, Chainsaw, Drifter and Sacred Oath. With several highlights in their
ventures such as being part of the support for Lääz Rockit & Destructor gig for Alcatraz Concerts in Belgium and the Gama Bomb & Bonded by Blood gig for MDD at the Thrash Assault 3 Warm-up show in Germany.

Before having to part with both the bass and the guitar player at almost the same time, Sanity’s Rage set a new standard for their performance playing alongside Saxon, Testament, Hyades, Helstar, Holy Moses, Agent Steel, Onslaught and many other international acts.
After the departure of the drummer, Sanity’s Rage hit the Red Left Hand Studio (Aborted, Bliksem,…) with a session drummer from The End Of All Reason and release You Are What You Swallow.
After doing the rounds for the release shows, Sanity’s Rage engage a new drummer to continue live shows and
write the follow up to their first full CD.
Promotional touring in Belgium and The Netherlands puts them on stage with international acts such as Huntress, James Rivera, Savage Messiah and Rezet, proving the band is ready, once again, to rage the stages
and the metal underground worldwide.

Interview with Corr Mhona 11-14-14
November 17, 2014 01:30 PM PST
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Corr Mhóna are a West Cork metal band.
Their music is a blend of different genres, with doom and death metal elements more prominent.
Corr Mhóna sing entirely in the Irish language (Gaeilge), and use a combination of harsh and cleanly sung vocals.
They are inspired by many different bands and musical styles, and always attempt to combine these influences to create something new.

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